Schuitema Colloquiums

Client Testimonies on the Schuitema Care and Growth™ Leadership

For the past twenty years we at Schuitema have been concerned with the origination, dissemination and development of a set of ideas which have become known as the Schuitema thematic. At their core is the conviction that the essential criterion which accounts for excellence at the level of the individual, the team and the organisation is the intent to give or to serve.

In pursuit of our purpose of enabling people to triumph as human beings we have decided to establish a Colloquium. That is, a forum where individuals and organisations who are committed to the Schuitema thematic can share their experiences and collaborate to further develop the thematic through constructive interaction and debate.

We envisage that the Colloquium will meet on a number of occasions during a year. Each meeting will be constituted around a specific topic or centred around an individual who has contributed significantly to the thematic.

We are grateful to Dr Graham Edwards, CEO of the AECI Group since 2008, for agreeing to lead the discussion at our inaugural meeting.

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